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Cultural & Historical Documentary Films

The Beverley Manley Uncensored Docuseries

As she turns 80 years old, the ex-wife of Jamaica's most favored Prime Minister, Michael Manley, Beverley Manley Duncan reflects on her personal and political journey in a documentary series, Beverley Manley Uncensored. The 4 part series offers explosive political and personal revelations from a keen eyewitness and one of the most fascinating women in Jamaica. It is a provocative story of Politics, Colorism, Imperialism, Feminism, Classism, Sex, and Political Violence built-in with a call to action to Jamaica's youth to rise and build our nation.

Out There Without Fear Jamaica's Dancehall

Out There Without Fear: Jamaica's Dancehall explores the global impact of Jamaica's Dancehall dancers and their struggle for recognition. Dancers explain the creative process fueling their iconic dance moves. Award-winning local scholars contextualize the elite's and the church's rejection of Jamaican popular culture as a function of the legacies of colonialism. The film is available in both Spanish and English subtitles. There have been 13 screenings of the documentary in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, North America, and South America.

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Documentaries  by Joelle-Simone

Documentaries by Joelle-Simone

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