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Commissioned Piece, Jamaica Journal

"Dancehall dance is storytelling, a world-class art form, and another example of Jamaica’s extraordinary global reach. We are witnesses to the breakdown of borders through Dancehall, both in-person and online. Dance enthusiasts have stayed in Jamaica well beyond their travel dates, while others talk to Jamaican dancers from the comfort of their living rooms in Buenas Aires and Tokyo. The dance industry can emerge with positive effects on the local economy, allowing Jamaicans to export our culture worldwide, earn foreign exchange, and travel." 

Travelogue, Jamaica Observer

"In Japan, many view the world through animism, believing all objects and beings possess spirits. As we departed Mount Koya, the monks in the Japanese Shinto-Buddhist temple performed a fire ceremony. The chief monk chanted into a dancing fire while flapping a long scroll of text — sutra. The sutra itself is alive. Taiko drums roared, and Buddha watched the scene with his fruit offerings from behind the flames."

"Why Beverley Manley Deserves a Documentary",
Jamaica Observer

"Beverley Manley Duncan is the most complicated and fascinating woman in Jamaica. She is one of the first of a few black women in the Western hemisphere to have large-scale national political influence. Long before there was Mia Mottley, Portia Simpson Miller, or Michelle Obama, there was Beverley Manley."

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