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My Story

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I grew up in Jamaica's rich and diverse cultural heritage. I am fascinated by our music, dance, and religions and enthralled by our myths, theatrics, and poems. Our death rituals and how we conduct business and politics are layered with meaning and worldwide influences. My work is sharing my love and interest in Jamaican stories.

Jamaican history is part of World History. It must be documented for posterity and made common knowledge.
As a multi-media storyteller and educator, my documentary projects aim to inform, engage, and inspire. I am particularly attracted to controversial subject matters with misunderstood characters. 

Out There Without Fear is a documentary film on Jamaica's loved and equally scrutinized Dancehall dancers.
Beverley Manley Uncensored is a revealing documentary series on the life and reflections of the highly influential and heavily criticized Jamaican icon Beverley Manley-Duncan. 

Fundraising and grant writing are essential capabilities in my skill set. Cumulatively, I have received US $350,000 in grants and scholarships to fund film projects, anthropological research, community service action, and educational opportunities. One of these opportunities included travelling for four months at sea to conduct fieldwork in 14 countries in Asia and Africa.


I've also led cross-cultural discussions and lectures in Russia, the USA, Canada, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. In addition, I built a profitable educational documentary outreach event conducted at Brandeis University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Bard College, among others.
I am interested in collaborating with experts and funders to investigate and preserve underrepresented cultures, histories, and stories.

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